Have a Junami break!

Junami is the ideal juicy, healthy break. Whether you’re practising sports, busy with your work or totally absorbed in a film – having chomped your way through a Junami you’ll find you’re no longer thirsty and you’ll feel as fit as a fiddle!

Junami is a refreshingly, tasty, crisp apple with a 100% juiciness guarantee. Its attractive round shape and striking red colour make it irresistible.

Junami apple


In the press:   Herefordshire, UK, 7 years, 3 days ago

Anchor Day for Junami®


March 1, 2021 - The 1st of March is World Compliment Day. On this day Junami® apples give people a happy compliment. In addition to England, Junami® apples are celebrating this day also in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark via various social media channels. These days everyone can use a positive moment so it is an… Read more




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