Anchor Day for Junami®

The 1st of March: World Compliment Day

March 1, 2021 – The 1st of March is World Compliment Day. On this day Junami® apples give people a happy compliment. In addition to England, Junami® apples are celebrating this day also in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark via various social media channels. These days everyone can use a positive moment so it is an extra unexpected surprise to receive a compliment via an apple.

World Compliments Day

For Junami® apple, the 1st of March has become an “Anchor Day” because every year World Compliment Day will return on the promotional calendar of Junami® apples. On this day three years ago licensee Inova Fruit bv began complimenting everyone on making a smart choice for a “healthy break”. According to Inova Fruit, this fits in with the message Junami® apple wants to convey. “Everyone who makes a smart, healthy choice for themselves should receive a compliment as an encouragement. We receive very nice and positive reactions to this.“, Inova Fruit bv explains.