Bursting with juice

At long last, an apple with so much juice it is almost more juice than apple. Junami! This variety of apple comes from Switzerland, a cross between Ideared and Maigold with Elstar. All of the good characteristics of its forbears unite in this new fruity thirst quencher. They are beautifully round and their eye-catching red colour makes you want to sink your teeth into one! When you experience its fresh fruity taste and crunchy bite, you will never want to eat any other apple!

The perfect break

Junami is the perfect snack. Whether you’re exercising, working, at a party or watching an exciting movie. Eat a Junami, it’ll quench your thirst and you’ll be back in shape. An added bonus is the fact that a Junami is grown under stringent and controlled conditions.

Great news for everyone who eats apples!

Do you often eat apples? Then we have good news for you! Apples have been found to contain a unique substance called phloridzine, which apparently is only found in apples. Phloridzine sees to it that part of the sugars you eat are not digested. So if you eat an apple it will curb you appetite and fill your stomach... but it won’t make you fat! What’s more, your body can’t ‘access’ the sugars in apples as well as those in, for example, candy. Your body has to use more energy to free up the sugars in apples and that is why an apple is a much smarter choice for a snack than a chocolate bar or other sweets. Do you often eat apples and also choose a Junami? Then we have great news for you! Research has shown that a Junami contains twice as much phloridzine as other apples. By the way, the highest concentration of this special substance is in the peel!